APO Imager Preliminary Design Review

October 30th-31st, 2013

Apache Point Observatory
New Mexico, USA



C.S.Froning 2009 White Paper

Instrument Proposal / White Paper

Memo to Users Committee, May 20, 2013

PDR Pre-Review Documents

To view many of the drawing files, please download this free eDrawings viewer. To download a drawing file for viewing, right click on the link and select "Download Linked File"

Schedule of Presentations

Instrument Overview

Science Presentation

Science requirement document used for GRIZLI

Optics Files

e2v CCD Datasheet (vendor document)

Mechanical Drawing Files


Refrigeration / Temperature Monitoring / Vacuum Metrology (vendor documents)

ICC / Hub Software

Work Break Down Schedule


PDR Presentation Slides

Day 1 (All times are given in Mountain Daylight Time)

08:30 Welcome and Introductions - Klaene

08:40 SPIcam and Science Drivers - Ketzeback

09:15 Brief overview of new instrument - Huehnerhoff

09:30 Optics review (Ver 3) - Huehnerhoff

12:30 Filter wheel and mechanical structure - Huehnerhoff

13:30 Shutter mechanical review - Huehnerhoff

Shutter video (to view, right click on the link, download to your machine and use Quicktime, VLC viewer, or Windows media player)

14:45 Dewar and cooling system review (Ver 3) - Huehnerhoff

15:30 Electronics and electrical review - Leon

16:45 ICC and hub software overview - Stauffer

Day 2 (All times are given in Mountain Daylight Time)

08:30 Instrument assembly and commisioning overview - Huehnerhoff

Note: This presentation will use gotomeeting to better show the assembly of the instrument. Meeting code is: 244-576-637. Once on the gotomeeting page select "Join a Meeting" in the upper right of the page. Enter the code we will provide.

09:15 Schedule review - Ketzeback

10:15 Budget, cost and manpower breakdown - Ketzeback

Possible Instrument Names - Ketzeback

Comments and references from the attendees

Bonn Shutters

Spectral Instrument Cameras


Lee Springs

Science requirement document used for GRIZLI

Astrodon Imaging: Makers of custom filters (SDSS set)

Asahi Spectra: Makers of custom filters (SDSS set)

ZC&R Optical Coatings

Mindrum Precision, INC: Machinists that can work with AlNi

Nonophorm: Machinists that can work with AlNi


November 5, 2013: Instrument Team adopts the name: ARC Telescope Imaging Camera or ARCTIC for the new instrument