APO Imager Preliminary Design Review: Temperature / Vacuum Metrology Overview

October 30th-31st, 2013

Apache Point Observatory
New Mexico, USA


Vendor Documents

Gamma Vaccum Ion Pump and Controller

3S Ion Pump Datasheet

3S Ion Pump Manual

3S Ion Pump Mechanical Drawing

Ion Pump Controller Family Specsheet

Ion Pump Controller Datasheet

Ion Pump Controller Manual

MKS Vacuum Gauge (MicroPirani / Cold Cathode)

Vacuum Gauge Overview

Lakeshore Temperature Sensors, Monitoring and Controller

Sensor Overview

DT-670 Sensor Catalog

DT-670 Drawing

Family of Controllers Comparison Sheet

325 Controller

1-wire networked Temperature Sensors

1-wire sensor memo

1-wire temperatuer sensor Data Sheet

Maxim Integrated DS18B20 Data Sheet

Brooks Automation Polycold Compact Cooler (Cryotiger)

PCC Manual

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