ARC 3.5m | APO Password Access

Passwords to access computers at Apache Point Observatory are restricted. We are not allowed to e-mail or send the passwords out electronically. Ask your TAC for the current password or if they are not available you may call the site at 575-437-6822 and ask for either an observing specialist (nighttime) or the computer support staff (daytime) for the current password(s) that you require to access our computer systems.

Typically you should only need 1 or 2 passwords to access our site and run TUI. 1) TUI, which requires a login password for you to connect and/or control the telescope and cameras, and 2) Newton, which you may or may not require, to access data on that specific computer. There are other systems that you may need access to as well, (scp data from our computers to yours after your run has finished), please call the site for those passwords and/or help. Also note that TUI has the ability to transfer your data automatically when you take it, to your local machine, so you do not have to spend time later transfering the data again.

Passwords are changed routinely, typically every quarter, so the password you may have used the last time might not work when you log in at a later date. A new password list is sent out to your TAC person every quarter.

We will only give out passwords verbally and not over the computer. If you have any questions please feel free to ask your observing specialists for help.