ARC 3.5m | GIFS

Goddard Integral Field Spectrograph

Instrument Summary:

The Goddard Integral Field Spectrograph (GIFS) is maintained by Michael McElwain, Carol Grady and others from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. The instrument concept and design was created by Bruce Woodgate (retired). GIFS, formerly known as the Goddard Fabry-Perot Interferometer or GFP, has several modes of operation. The instrument can be configured for direct imaging (400 - 1000nm) with or without a coronagraphic stop (a wedge in the field) and a variety of combinations of grisms and lenslet arrays (7"x7" or 14"x14") for integral field spectrographic operations (480 - 700nm). R=1475 (green grism) or 1823 (red grism). Currently the hi-res grism and Fabry-Perot are unavailable. The instrument is currently being integrated into TUI with plans to make it available to the observing community at large in 2014. More information can be obtained from the instrument manuals. part 1 part 2

Here is a useful factsheet.