ARCTIC Commissioning

last updated March 12, 2015

Apache Point Observatory
New Mexico, USA


Pre-Commissioning Tests

Fine grid of stars to measure optical distortion.

Standard star measurements for color accuracy and throughput - create baseline throughput measurements for lifetime comparison.

Through focus measurements in good seeing -200 to +200 (donut to donut).

Standard star transformation.

Test fringing in the red.

Extinction coefficients.

Science Commissioning Tests

Time resolution of fast variable objects. Talk with P.Skody, CV, RR Lyrae, etc.

Mark Hammergren NEO objects.

Direct comparison with Spicam.

How well can it separate stars in a cluster etc.

Data reduction and handling.

Lab Tests

Flatness of field.


Readnoise in all modes (100kHz, 500kHz, 900kHz) and bins (1-4).

Linearity in all modes.

Does any value change when you use a subregion?

Temperature stability while static and while reading out.

Test readout times.