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ARC 3.5m | Guider match scripts

Basic description

On Obs3 there are a set of scripts that can be run from the institutional accounts that will match up the times various guider/slitviewer images to your science images and create a log of each science frame with the nearest guide image and the range of guide frames if a range exists.

These scripts are called:





If you have your science data in /export/images/Q1UW01/UT110509/disdata/. The arguments to these scripts are your program ID [ex: Q1UW01], the UTdate of your observation in the form YYMMDD [ex: 110509] and if you have placed your data in a subdirectory [ex: disdata]:

dcam_match Q1UW01 110509 disdata

If you forget the arguments, just type the name of the program and it will query you for the information.

For a more detailed description see: