Sangoma S500 Phone Manual


The phone has these user features

The hard coded keys are self explanatory and their behavior is fixed. The LCD display is more flexible and can support 7 options per page, with up to 5 pages.

LCD Display Buttons

The LCD display supports up to 4 pages of 8 vertical programmable buttons split between the left and right of the display. 4 horizontal buttons underneath the display are context sensitive and set according to the page and selection.

The 8 programmable keys are grouped in these functions:

Each of 4 pages have up to 7 lines configured with the above functions with the 8th button being the next page. To go to the next page, press the right column, bottom key. The soft key numbering is 1 for the top of the left keys through 4 at the bottom of the left keys, and then 5 at the top of the right keys to 8 at the bottom of the keys.

XML API is one of the following applications:

Hard Coded Buttons




Programmed LCD Pages

There are 3  programmed LCD pages.

  1. 3 lines for placing calls and applications to pickup and place calls 
  2. parking and announcing calls
  3. miscellaneous phone applications

There are 8 buttons along the left and right side of the screen to select a choice on the screen.  When a choice is selected, then further options can be made for that screen using the 4 buttons along the bottom edge of the screen.

Page 1

    This page is used for managing calls. 

    The extension LEDs are off, green, or flashing red.  When a call comes in, the first available extension's LED will flash red.  When you answer the call, the LED will go green.  If you initiate a call, the LED will go green.  If you are on a call, putting the call on hold will cause the extension LED to flash.  Since there are 2 more extensions, you can handle up to 2 more calls.  You can select a call in progress by selecting the extension with the flashing red LED.


  1. Line
  2. Line
  3. Line
  4. Door Intercom - operations building back and front door.
  5. Parking - retrieve parked call.  Green when lot empty, flashing red when a call is parked.
  6. Transfer VM - transfer call to voicemail.
  7. Contacts - site directory and user directory.
  8. next screen

Page 2

    This page is used to park calls and then page the site to announce the call.

    Push the "Call Park" button, wait for the parking lot number, 501, 502, 503, ... and then page the group to announce the call.


  1. Call Parking
  2. Site Page
  3. 25m Page
  4. 35m Page
  5. 1m Page
  6. blank
  7. blank
  8. next screen

Page 3

Miscellaneous functions.

  1. Voicemail - access voice mail
  2. DND - enable Do Not Disturb
  3. blank
  4. blank
  5. Intercom - setup an intercom call to an extension.  Note: *80 + extension is equivalent.
  6. blank
  7. blank
  8. next screen