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The desk and work area phones are the majority of the phones and are the topic discussed.

Which phones should be purchased?  This depends on


Phones are:

The work area phones can be simple and reduced features.  The regular desk phone users only need a work area phone for their desk.  The power users need the extra flexibility to facilitate their job.

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Phone Features

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The requirement that a simple phone has access to all 8 lines to simulate an old key system limits the number of SIP phones available.  It forces phones to have a high line count.  A simple phone is carefully setup for just a few simple functions with little or no growth for new features.

Because phones broadly fall into simple phones and power user phones, this gives some flexibility when buying a phone. The flexible, power user, desk phone is now becoming more like the cell phone with a better interface, programmable, customizable, and able to handle large volumes of calls.  By using the PBX computer to switch just the calls a user needs, and a smart phone to display just the active calls, a phone does not need a all the lines.  The smart phone is extensible and can handle from 8 lines to hundreds of lines without changes.

Users should be given the choice to choose between a simple phone and a power user phone.

Sangoma S500

2016 model Sangoma SIP 500 power user phone

Snom S320

This is a simple phone that is an older generation SIP phone from about 2010.  The  Snom 320 phone has 12 programmable buttons and is simple like the old key phone system.  This is a well built phone that can stand up to hard wear.