APO Computing Resources

Computing resources from a visitor's viewpoint is a private network with access only to the APO servers and the internet.  The network is behind the same firewall and router; the network is restricted from the internal network.


There is a public network, GUEST, and an internal network for access to the telescope networks, APO.  APO is best for those who need access to the internal networks that have the web server to create web pages and manage housing and the telescope networks.  The GUEST network and APO network are identical as far as performance is concerned.  They are separated in the firewall with routing rules.  If someone needs access to the APO internal networks, they need to send an email to IT.

The SSID is GUEST or GUEST# where # is an integer number, i.e. GUEST1, GUEST2, ...  This network is, with users IPs The wifi is open access protected by a firewall.  There are network jacks on the walls which are provided for the network phones and other APO network devices.

There appears to be a WiFi problem with the Yosemite and El Capitan OS installed on the newer laptops.  Older laptops with an older OS works without problems.  The newer users are talking about poor performance and dropouts.  There is a problem with the newer OS caused by Apple using a second connection to the WiFi for Bonjour.  I have asked several people to try turning this channel off with a “ifconfig awdl0 down” command from the command line.  It is reported that fixes the problem.

If there are problems with the WiFi, tell IT the details of what you are seeing.  It is impossible to fix things when the complaint is, it is not working very well.  It would help to know the OS being used, the rough age for the laptop, the things you were trying to do (Skype, big transfer, etc.), and what is the problem.  These have been the clues that have helped to direct finding the fix.  It would also be good to hear when something works, such as turning off the awdl0 device.